9 dic. 2010

I am that kid sittin over in the corner, smiling with a shit-eatin grin. and I'm that kid smilin in the back of the class cause im fryin on mescaline. well, i'm that kid drinkin 40's on the bleachers, gettin drunk after school and gettin home too late, fallin on my face. way too drunk to skate, actin a fool. Im that kid never doin good at. nothing except for maybe p.e. me and my friends, thinkin we should start a band, cutin class to jam, cuttin class to jam. in my dad's garage we learnd to act to fool. dont need to be cool. pissed off too, and breakin the rules. mama told me, stat in school, dont rock and roll BUT... this is my amercian high. Im tha kid that was crank-calling your boyfriend, couldent get a goddmn date. and im that kid that was gettin hella busted for paintin on the walls I fuckin hate school except for haning out with my friends the outcast that was starin up a band Im that kid you try to punk in every class. then i'll be in a band and you'll kiss my...

la mejor foto, en la hora de psicología

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  1. sabes que me quiero rapar el pelo asi ,no tanto igual, pero no tengo huevos todavia y encima mi vieja se pone en conchuda
    ah y que buena remera